Re-Branding Kumbang Kembang

Kumbang Kembang, home business in home accessories and furniture which was started in 1998 now wants to back in business.

Partell helps re-branding starting by making concept for its brand identity

Kumbang, means ladybug

Kembang, means flower

kumbang kembang gold logokumbang kembang logo2

kumbang kembang flower logo_www

My company website Unicote Pelangi, made by Partell, is awesome, nice clean look professional and definitely added value to my products.

Partell not only develop, but help us with the wordings, choose best images and revamp our Logo and English translate without additional cost.

PT Unicote Pelangi, Director

Lucy J.

Before I didn’t realize how important brand image for my company, all I know was getting clients in an old fashioned way, until Partell taught it all.¬† Partell Corporate Image rebranding my logo, crafted company collateral from business card, letter head, envelopes, stamp, named it all, now I am more confident to present myself and my company in front of new and former clients.

PT Royal Borneo, Director

Rudy B.

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