SELF BRANDING, Why is it more than a trend?

15 years ago when the internet not yet booming unlike today, we are bombarding mostly through TV media advertising all good products and services produced by big companies. Back in the day, the product is the main player to get into business. You have to spend millions for people to recognize your product.

Here today don’t you know that everything now not only “all about product” anymore? to sell something, you have to be well-able to present yourself, the people behind the product or service you offer.

It’s time now to put yourself upfront, before people start to look what you have to offer. That’s why social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Devianart or Skillpages made, people now like to know you first before they join hand to do something with you, it can be start with friendship then later can leverage to business.

How to do self branding? beside put your profile on social media, you might want people to know what your expertise or your skills far much better and personalized, this is when personal homepage is needed, to expand and show everything you have to offer in a more creative ways.

From social media, people who interest in you and get to land to your personal homepage, they will get to learn more specific about the things you offer. A friend of mine, who happens to have great skills in sales, at first, he likes to help other through LinkedIn by posting many of his sales tips, as many friends appreciate and favor his tips, later on he built his own personal homepage and put professional sales insights there, hundreds of thousands of people follow and one way or another he gets business from it, by become a professional sales couch. The homepage now become the real business website.

Many other cases, comes from doing hobby or volunteering their skills in their spare time, then once it began to spread out the good thing is happening, as the more they post their works on their personal home page the more people interest to know and many end up into real business.  Interest to start your self branding now? (gvh)

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