The Power of Image

Can you imagine your world without seeing any image? Yes, today we want to talk about the power of printed image, web image.  Yet, people mostly did not realize how image drawn you down to the deep of your thoughts and feeling, its also influence you in taking decision.

A sweet candy wrap in a nice hello kitty image wrapping is far more wanted by little kids than the same sweet candy but only wrap in a brown plain paper.  Website or blog with high resolution and clear image is far more tempted to click than the crappy image. Don’t you agree?

Yellow Tulips

When you look most of the best website, when you take a look closely, actually most of the basic template design for the website are not too standout, but what makes it indifferent is the original,  authentic image that only that no one else has except that business owner posted on that website.  For example, when I was working for coal mining business, I like to take pictures on the mining site, portraying assets and activities there, that kind of images are one of a kind that no one else has.  When I put it on the website or printed materials, people will notice and ask around about that image, first, because they never seen it anywhere, second, it become valuable information regarding the business they’re dealing with.

The best images not always have to be taken by well-known professional photographer, but the one that actually have feeling on it and drawn people to your intended business.  Even a friend who is professional in photography said, that camera on android phone nowadays can help you produce great images, thanks to the high technology we are in today.

Start making your own images, put it anywhere you want your future clients to see, practice makes perfect, even people appreciate people who is willing to learn, surely when they are interest in you, they will interest on what you’re doing also.