When presenting yourself be at your best.  Please remind yourself also, that your best is different from someone else best, so never compare to other, just be true at who you are, people will see your sincerity and end up agree doing business with you.

How to present yourself first time when you meet your future partner or prospect customer is really fundamental, yes it is true, do not judge the book by its cover, but again first impression do never come twice, it can lead you or lead you out the next step.

Still nowadays many company in Indonesia tend to ignore the power of good image, they think as long as they have good product people just come and buy, which is half true. People nowadays still need a good service behind the good product, otherwise big company like Pertamina wouldn’t bother to train their gas station employee to always smile and greet the first time they meet the customer ~ come on it is oil, every one needs it whether they show nice smile or not~ but huge corporation like Pertamina thinks the value of their customers and hopefully they wish a great image for their company in a long run.

What to take a look to have best first impression.  Pay attention to your self appearance, clothes, shoes, hygiene, do not wear too much perfume and clean cut your hair or done it nice professionally.  Prepare your name card in a place easy to reach, make sure it doesn’t wrinkle, watch your tone of voice, mind your gesture~ sit straight, smile and always use right hand when handling things, and try to always listen first what the other person wants to say.  Above all rule, just don’t over do every thing whether it is appearance or gesture.  Good image will help you get people attention or next step, but in the end the subject of the business is what matter.   Do business in a sincere and honest way, in that way your first impression will not look fake no matter how good they are.

Partell Corporate Image Branding helps you to prepare company collateral for you to carry on your first meeting like professional name card, company brochure or introduction powerpoint presentation.