Press Release one of the best way to boost people awareness

To get people awareness, for other to look what your company is doing, to understand the benefit or try using the product for first time, a simple written words must pass to those people to get their attention on the first place.   Press release is a tools to describe company events, latest product news, development progress, occasional promo, accomplishment, apology or anything that attract people written/stated in one brief summary page and distributed through the media such as newspaper, tabloid, magazine.  When it come to online media, usually made in a form of Video Release, which actually a press release but in a video format.

Press release is the basic fundamental tools in doing public relations activities. Makes the headlines interesting for press to even spread the news, keep it short and in-tact – best written in one A4 page maximum -, 1st paragraph has to state the essence of the news release – if somehow need to mention date and place of the event, give reason why people should join or should put more attention on the next paragraph, give a brief story about company background, mission, vision on the following paragraph, make sure that the company detail address and how to contact is written there.

Our next step is to distribute Press Release to the segmented media according your business nature, for you to get the right audience.  Follow up with the press, a week after, on how your Press Release is doing, was it effective or not? how the audience, potential customer or other party react. It is afterward that makes Press Release worth to write in the first place.