Why need “Corporate Image”

They says “Don’t judge the book by it’s cover”, believe that’s true. But we live in a reality, where a first time impression is a basic thing that highly crucial for people wanted to start looking on the inside.

Therefore, never under estimate your company first time impression.

What’s catch the eye for the first time? basically it can start from your company logo, your website look, how your company profile written, your name card design, your company slogan, your company business representative people, and the list will go on..until people can draw a single line of a complete image of your company. Can be good, but what if its not?

Imagine you have a bad logo, that doesn’t suit your business, the colors is ugly, the wordings is hard to read, then who wants to do business with company who even doesn’t care about getting represented well?

Ok, you don’t want to spend to much on name card, it is just a small piece of paper, but hey, how many times you heard someone compliment someone’s name card, because it is well made, not just a crappy paper with crappy design, and they began to contact those company and start doing business with them, because they were so impressed on what written in the card.  Think again, who’s the lost now? And let me tell you a secret, it is not that expensive to have a nice, representable and exclusively look of a business card. Ask me further if you want to know how.

Company slogan, great, I want to have one, so they said. But then again they are thinking how much it is cost to hire a professional consultant to get one good slogan. I said, think within, what is your company stands for, heard what everyone else telling about your company, I believe you can came up with a good one. Still doesn’t get it, well, we are here to help you then.

Your logo is nice, your slogan is uplifting, now here’s the time to visit the client, oops, we need a company profile. Sure you must have one, don’t just come with a bunch of brochures that look very cluttered when you present them on the client table. A nice cover package with a book of company profile, brochure attachment and a name card slipped in it, will put a distinguish feeling on every person who accept that.  Need to do a presentation among your clients, get a company profile on MS Power Point presentation, again, you don’t put all details on the power point presentation, just the basic things, because all had put in the company profile you deliver afterwards.

Good corporate image, a well presented one, will definitely put you on the successful path of business. Why wait?!